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Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator

It’s important that brides understand the difference between a wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator when deciding whether one should or should not hire a wedding planner. The confusion often comes when the venue advertises their on-site venue coordinator as a planner, so the bride believes that once she books that particular venue she’s covered because she has complimentary wedding planning services in the package.

The truth is, the venue coordinator’s job is to look out for the venue. So, to help you understand a little bit more, I’m going to breakdown some elements of the wedding that a venue coordinator can and will take part in and what elements only your wedding planner will do.

“Unless you’re in the wedding industry, the differences between the two aren’t commonly known” By Summer McLane.

One of the services offered by wedding planners, there’s usually a day-of coordinator and this package is very popular. So, a bride on a limited budget can decide on a day-of coordinator instead of a full-service wedding planning, to ensure that things run smoothly on the wedding day while she gets to share every memory with her loved ones. But when scouting for venues, she’s told that “we offer an on-site coordinator” who will oversee every aspect of your event that day. So our bride decides, that she just caught a break and won’t have to worry about hiring a wedding planner anymore because this venue just saved the day for her. Sounds familiar? Well, now let’s take a look at the things that our on-site venue coordinator will and will not do for her.

An on-site coordinator can be expected to assist with the ceremony arrangements (if you’re not having your events at two different locations), the can assist with catering (if you’re having an in-house caterer), guest lodging (if your venue happens to be at a hotel or a B&B for example, with guest room accommodation), offer vendor suggestions and be in charge of the layout of the rooms. It’s important, however, to keep in mind that just as with a wedding planner, the services that an on-site coordinator can offer varies from one venue to another.

On-site venue coordinators represent first and foremost, the venue.

The beauty of hiring a day-of wedding coordinator, however, is that we start working with you a month two before your wedding to handle all the last details for the days leading up to the wedding.

From the moment you hire us, we’ll provide you with a recommended vendor list and a planning checklist to make sure you stay on track with everything. We will meet with you to review the wedding day details, talk through the timing of events, and review the services that will be provided by your contracted event professionals. We’ll draft a detailed ceremony and reception schedule and create a checklist regarding the setup of all wedding decor and details that we are responsible for. We’ll compile a list of all your contracted wedding professionals with their contact information and contact them to confirm the details of the services requested.

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