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5 Unique & fun guest book ideas

I love different and unique ideas, like these. They get your guests talking and involved, they set a great mood as everyone is trying to come up with the best ideas or fun suggestions for the newlyweds.

Advice coasters (Hortense B. Hewitt Wood Grain Design Words of Advice Coasters, set of 25 Instead of having a guestbook at a table outside, where guests may or may not sign, why not put these coasters on their tables and have the MC announce it during the reception, requesting guests to fill them out for the newlyweds to take home afterward.

Shadowbox display (Ginger Ray Boho Drop Top wooden frame A shadowbox display with some blank heart-shaped wood slices discs for guests to sign and drop in the shadowbox is also a great idea. You can choose to have small personalized mason jars on each table and spread the discs across the table or pick one spot to display the shadowbox and have guests drop the disks in after signing them.

Holiday decor: How about planning ahead! Do you think of starting a Christmas tradition for your family and looking for meaningful and heartwarming decorations to hang together on your first Christmas? Well, here’s one simple yet beautiful idea for those weddings scheduled right before or during the holiday season. Get ball ornaments of your choice and some sharpie fine point paint markers and have your guests write congratulatory messages and heartwarming wishes.

Date night inspiration jar ( The wedding fever is over, life has returned to its usual routine and you start looking for fun date ideas. Where to go, what to explore, etc. How about drawing an inspiration from the “date jar”? Have your guests suggest places and activities you could do as a couple and have fun!

Wedding wishing Tree ( You can also double up on your guest book’s duty by letting it serve as wedding décor. Get tags for your guests to leave their messages on and hang them up on the tree. A nice manzanita tree in white, gold or silver will be perfect for this.

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